PacePlayer – The next generation music app for runners

PacePlayer for Android is finally in public BETA after years of development. Together with a friend, I spent many hours developing a new and exciting way to improve your running experience. PacePlayer is your music player app of choice when you are out for a run!

Create your running playlists and let PacePlayer align the beats of your favorite music with your steps. Do you know that magical feeling when the music is just right? Prepare to feel this way during your complete run, while listening to your favorite music! As PacePlayer for Android is currently in BETA, you have to join our Google+ Community page here and follow the instructions to download the app from the Google Play store.

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Pusslog – A commandline Android ‘logcat’ reader with many additional features

If the title means anything to you, that means you should probably check out the README of my latest open source project; pusslog! All the info on the project will stay up to date on the github project page, so that’s place you’ll want to keep watching.

As the title suggests, ‘pusslog’ is a utility program for Android developers similar to ‘adb logcat’. It is used by developers to read the logs from a device (or emulator). Why use pusslog instead of ‘adb’, you ask? Well, pusslog is prettier (colors and all…) and has many, many great options for you to use and abuse.

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Open source Android ‘Pull to Refresh’ library

I just open sourced my ‘Pull to Refresh’ library for Android. The project page, documentation and of course the code can be found on github. You’ll also find a sample project in the repository. The library is licensed with the Apache License version 2.0. There is a demo video of the sample project so you can see the animations.

Click here to go to the project page.

I added a reference to this library on my projects page.

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Android – Row background in GridView

You basically want a Android GridView, but you want to have a background for each row. Or, you want a ListView with multiple columns. Or, you want a TableLayout with a dynamic number of columns. In fact, anything that has a dynamic number of columns (like a GridView) with a custom bakground for each row (like a ListView).

I had this problem, and this is how I solved it. Note that, as with many problems, this is only one of many possible solutions. Continue reading

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A tale about an XSS vulnerability [part 2]

This is the second part of the true story ‘A tale about an XSS vulnerability’. If you haven’t already, read part one here.

TL;DR: Hacker baddymcbad just hijacked superfansadmin‘s session on, by exploiting the vulnerable internal messaging system. At this point, baddymcbad is logged in as superfansadmin, but only for this session. He doesn’t know the username or password of the admin.

BOOM! Admin! I see an extra tab in the tabbar, named ‘Administration’. Needless to say, that’s where I go, as quickly as possible. If superfansadmin hits the logout button, he will log me out as well. Luckily, this attack was pretty stealthy. I don’t think the poor guy even knows I’m here.. Let’s see what the ‘Administration’ tab contains. I quickly save a local copy of the page for future reference. Continue reading

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